I adore zines. The hold-in-your-hands paper sort and also the e-variety. I thought I'd share a couple of my favourite e-zines. I'd love to make a one-off e-zine sometime!

I have been a bit obsessed with ezines ever since Neet launched back when I was in mid high school. I used to follow Stephanie J's blog and adored seeing her lovely little lovechild blossom into a well known and well loved publication. Neet is a quarterly magazine showcasing "grassroots creativity". Lots of lovely fashion and art spreads and great writing.

Dashing is a sweet inspiration, style & craft publication started by three ladies with varied creative backgrounds. It is a visual feast. I want to live in this magazine!

Diana started Gadchick not long ago to help fill the void that tech sites leave in terms of appealing to and catering for women. It has a great accompanying blog and app.

Paper Runway is all about pretty paper things.

Smitten is calls itself "The Lookbook of Wedding Fancy". It's full of beautiful visuals.

Cellardoor is a UK quarterly quirky art, style, culture and beauty magazine. It's good for a read as well as the pretty the visuals.

Styled is really beautiful. It is about the "art of merrymaking" and it's full of celebration inspiration.

Some other favourites:
Racing Minds
Utterly Engaged

Do you have any favourites to share? Have you made an e-zine before?
Ps. I'm finishing up a big assignment today, then I should be back for good!