Homework | Bicycles

I thought I'd share some images of work from my Photomedia class from the past semester. Our subject for the class was Art and Site, and we were asked to essentially pick one theme or idea to carry out for the entire semester and build upon then refine the idea. I wanted to work around the idea of bicycle as site and the simple joy, curiosity and ritual of the bicycle ride. There were 4 different stages to the work and I thought I'd share the 3 so far. Part 1 is probably my favourite.

Pt. 1: Exploring Launceston by bicycle. Going off the beaten track.

Pt. 2: The items within my basket might relate to where I'm going, where I've been or what I might need on my journey.

Pt. 3: Collecting debris and taking Polaroids while on a bicycle ride.


The third and final part of the project is currently still under construction and almost entirely different from the stuff above. I will likely share it when it all comes together. It's been fun just playing around in this subject - I've really loved seeing what my classmates are doing each week.