Worn | Warm



I am bad at being a Tasmanian. I thought having one Tasmanian Winter under my belt, I would be prepared for the next, but I am freeeeeeezing all the time. C and I went to Kmart after work a few nights ago to get some totally-unfashionable-but-warm-Wintery-around-the-house kind of clothes. I bought this Italian wool blazer at an opshop this week. I actually picked it out for C to try on, but I am ridiculously bad at telling the size of an item by looking at it, it was probably five sizes too small for him, but lucky me! Ten bucks! It has a really nice taper around the waist when it is closed. The lovely detachable collar pictured was a sweet gift from C last year that I wear all the time but seem to have never shown it here.

Ps. Does anyone else loathe shoulder pads? It's probably because my shoulders are broad enough without padding. I don't want to damage the lining of the blazer to get these ones out, but I just hate them so much!