Midweek 6

+ unknown

+ I'm obsessed with pies at the moment. I want to make sweet potato & buttermilk, blackberry icecream pie and lattice topped peach.
+ When I finally get around to learning how to crochet, these gorgeous coasters will be high on my list.
+ Katyha made this very pretty and very wise graphic.
+ I saw this months ago, but felt like reposting it - it's Nothing But Bonfires' 60 Years of Memories letters for her father's birthday. So lovely.
+ If you've been living inside a (wi-fi free) cave and haven't seen the lovely Photoshop tutorials and downloadables Pugly Pixel has been doing lately, do so! She just released her Blog Bling Kit Pt 2.
+ Another oldie but a goodie - Oh Joy's Postcard Birthday Poster.