Diana Adventures

These are some photos from my latest roll of film from my Diana Mini. I had some problems with the film jamming part way through the roll, so there were probably only about thirty shots on the roll (for a roll of film that usually takes more than double that) and most of them were very blurry. Nothing compares to my first ever roll in my Diana. Even still, there were a couple of shots I really liked. The photos are from as far back as last July when I went home to Newcastle and also a bunch of shots from a trip to the tulip farm.

I've found a new place to send film off to called Extrafilm - it's much cheaper than in any shops around here (um, $25 a roll? Nu-uh). For any Australians - I really recommend them. They sent me a bunch of free stuff and coupons for my next order.

The last shot is probably my favourite.