Worn | Yellow Peter Pan


These are my new favourite shoes. I bought them for a special occasion and have been very bad at not wearing them until the special occasion. They have a cute little heel on the back and are rather comfy. I am thinking I'll have to buy another pair for myself because I'm sure I'm going to scuff these ones up beforehand. I rarely go without stockings, but today is a lovely sunny Autumn day and C and I are going for a bike ride out to the main university campus to do essay research. I conveniently angled my legs so that you can't see my gigantic bicycle bruises. I've had one giant one on the side of my leg for about two weeks from my bike falling on me and I'm watching it turn all different colours. I'm sure any bicycling ladies out there can relate. My legs are always so knocked about, bruises and scrapes and dents. But all worth it for the love of riding.

+ dress: dotti
+ shoes: bait
+ shirt: cotton on
+ belt: thrifted

Ps. Apologies for my constant squinting.