List | Weekly

This week I:
+ Ate delicious berry and apple crumbles made by my love (made on consecutive nights)
+ Felt like I didn't have time to stop and think!
+ Almost got hit by a car as I crossed at a pedestrian crossing (the worst part is when a driver is in the wrong but they don't even acknowledge you and they nearly ended your life!).
+ Went on a little adventure around town with my friend Michael (antique shop, park, coffee shop, opshop, clock shop).
+ Worked on and handed in a bundle of assignments (collages, drawings, history exam study, bicycle video editing, artist statement writing, etc).
+ Watched True Blood, The Inbetweeners (series), The Notorious Bettie Page, Moulin Rouge (I'd somehow never seen it before), Happythankyoumoreplease and Black Mirror.
+ Stayed at my friend Sara's, devoured her delicious cupcakes and fell asleep on her couch.
+ Watched the Socceroos V Japan game with C and our friend Angus.
+ Looked at some pretty clothes at Milkbar after hours and borrowed some pretty ones.
+ Rode in some heavy rain in C's dorky fluoro rain jacket.
+ Got amazingly horribly sick, but had that great husky, croaky flu voice. I kind of love that part.
+ Charmed one of our cats who usually hates me.
+ Read Peppermint magazine.
+ Did an exam and resorted to writing dot points at the end of the questions. Bad.
+ Rode around taking footage for my bike video.
+ Re-tried on my wedding dress like three times. Deciding what cardigan goes and if dotted tights are a go?
+ Rearranged our bedroom when I should have been studying and put 25 dresses in storage (with about 100 other items of clothing). Feels so good to only have things on my hanger that I actually wear.

Phew! What did you get up to?