Worn | The Girl With No Voice

Today I went to the hairdressers. I booked the appointment last week as a treat to myself for finishing my last exam (yaaaay!), but by the time today swung by, I wasn't able to make a single sound out of my mouth (thanks to some awesome flu). Before the last few days, I'd never lost my voice before and it has been a learning experience opening my mouth to say something and having nothing come out. I feel like I'm in this episode of Buffy.

It was like the ultimate game of charades trying to use my hands only to describe how I wanted my hair cut. I liked how my hair turned out in the end, but it was extremely awkward as hairdressers are such conversational places. The girls would try to make conversation with me but as soon as I tried to respond they felt really bad that they'd made me try to speak. I have to go to the doctor's later today and I'm dreading all of those little conversations along the way you need to have but don't think about e.g. asking the bus driver for a ticket, talking to the receptionist, getting my script filled at the pharmacist, etc. 

I can't wait to be able to communicate properly again (hopefully before my holiday starts on Saturday!).
I hope your day is faring much better!

+ dress & cardigan: borrowed from milkbar
+ collar: romwe
+ shoes: saltwater sandals