Little Joys

+ purple eye shadow teamed with red lipstick
+ using mishka font for everything
+ cheese toasties dipped in soup
+ new gloves filled with fleece
+ listening to the rain and wind but not being in it
+ a hilarious picture message from my sister that made me laugh out loud in the supermarket
+ a foggy early morning bicycle ride
+ milo in a thermos
+ head massages at the hair dressers
+ my zimbabwean doctor's laugh (the kind of laugh you want to think of when you're sad)
+ a completed semester with a good feeling I've at least passed everything
+ knowing I'll see my family and friends in a few days
+ my boyfriend's curls
+ having some really lovely blogger friends guest posting while I'm away for two weeks
+ hot lemon and honey drinks for a sore sick throat (it's day 3 of no voice!)