Midweek 10

+ image cred (added to my list of things to make C do)

+ Some great tips for beginner bikers by Dianapantz.
+ Bri wrote a great little happy list.
+ I only just came across this great Summer Stitch School by The Floss Box from last year. Would love to try some new stitches.
+ I'm dying to try Anu's smoky parmesan roasted potatoes and Amanda's cheesy quinoa dippers.
+ I can't resist a peek inside the journals of some famous people.
+ 100 things to do instead of procrastinating on the internet - wise!
+ Pretty keen to try this hair bow
+ Sally's lessons from internet dating may make you laugh (and cringe)
+ I really need this check list stamp
+ I loved In Space's Between's list titled The Best Thing You Can Do To Make More Friends, Grow Your Community & Be Generally Awesome