Good Morning

C and I have a terrible sleeping pattern. Very late nights and late mornings are our style, but I'd like to change that. Even though I love sleep, I have trouble winding down and I feel like going to bed is like admitting defeat at not having achieved enough during the day. We usually only sleep 7 or 8 hours, but going to bed so late means the day is half over by the time we've gotten up, had breakfast and gotten ready and having the sun start setting at 3.30pm, when you only got up 3 hours ago is depressing! We work at night so we usually get home pretty late and then have dinner, then watch something, then do some internetting, then it's 3am! It's a terrible cycle. Hopefully our two weeks away will shake us into a better, more practical routine.

Earlier in the week I had one last assignment to finish for a subject (due the following morning) and after finishing it at about 3am C and I decided to just stay up all night. We played some music together (he plays bass, I play guitar), dawdled on the internet and then went for an early morning bike ride along the water before dropping off the assignment. I love riding in the early mornings, I don't know why I don't get to sleep earlier so that I can make this happen more often. I thought I'd share some photos of our early morning, absolutely freezing, extremely foggy morning taken on my iPhone.

+ I was pretty impressed at the ice forming on my coat as I rode. For anyone living in a place where it snows, I know this is totally lame and not impressive, ha. It snows about an hour from us in the mountains and I'd love to go visit it after the brunt of Winter is gone.