Well folks, this will be my last post before I go away for two weeks. Thankfully, you'll be in good hands with some lovely guests. The next time I'll post here I'll be a married person.

I've been a bit coy about what I've shared here about getting married, but for no reason really except that I didn't know what to say/how to word it.

I am not a wedding kind of person and have refrained from using the words 'fiance' or 'wedding' since we decided we were going to get married because they kind of make me cringe. I don't really know why, they just don't sit comfortably in my mouth, haha. I also jokingly say that C is going to be my wife (he has long hair and does most of the cooking and cleaning and sometimes wears an apron).

There was never any question of me changing my surname - C has always insisted that he wanted to change his surname to mine, which I love - because he has a very boring colour surname, I like my name and I think it's fun to break tradition, even if telling my Nanna about it almost gave her a heart attack (lots of things almost give her a heart attack).

Having a big white wedding was never something we were going to do and a lot of the associated conventions and traditions of weddings I find a bit unnecessary and sometimes I think they detract from what the whole thing is about. People keep saying things to me like "oh, but if you don't wear a garter/have an engagement ring/throw the bouquet/wear something blue/go on an elaborate honeymoon/if he's seen the dress you'll have bad luck and get divorced!". Some things just aren't my style.

Despite my reservations about weddings (and the language associated with them), I am frankly very excited about being married to this lovely man. He is very special and treats me better than I deserve (he frequently quotes the playful/mean things I say to him, on Facebook, haha). He makes me so happy.

We are getting married officially at the registry office on the busy cafe street one over from where we first lived together, with just our close family in attendance, then going to have coffee at our old favourite cafe. Two days later we'll be having a small picnic with some of our favourite people at the house where I grew up (think ramshackle bush house with an acre of garden, a life-size treehouse, secret paths). A lovely photographer will be taking some pictures and I have been having fun making some little decorations and planning pies and cakes to make. Apparently my Nanna has made 100 pompoms!

Thankfully I've not had to stress very much about the whole thing because in reality I'm not planning a wedding, I'm just having a picnic. I am so looking forward to it. I am so excited about seeing our friends and family. I want to give my sister a big smooch on the face and hug my mum for ages and squeeze my nieces' cheeks and tickle my nephew. We decided that travelling back home to be married kind of counts as a little honeymoon for us too, but we'd like to go somewhere else later in the year as well.

Anyway, I just wanted to fill you in.

Sometimes I don't share as much on my blog as I could. I guess I'm afraid of what people might say sometimes (even though I've never had a comment on my blog that has been even close to mean), but more often I'm just awkward and don't know how to say things.

I look forward to returning here in two weeks!