Morrissey's Photos | Pt. 1

It was C's birthday yesterday. I always find it so hard to buy him gifts because he never seems to want anything and never suggests anything! But I had one present in mind this year that I knew he'd love - a tiny camera to put on Morrissey's collar to see where he wanders off to.

The camera costs about $30 and you can find them on eBay if you search for 'Pets Eye View'. The camera clips onto the pet's collar and you can set it to take a photo every 1, 5 or 15 minutes. The picture quality is obviously not amazing and the memory card is tiny, but we have had so much fun in the last 24 hours seeing where he wanders off to and what he looks at. We're going to try to put it on his collar for a few hours every day we're home. Here are just a couple of the pictures.

+ a street over from ours

+ hiding in the foliage

We've often felt like Morrissey must have a daytime owner and a night time owner (us) because he spends so much time out and when he comes back he's rarely very hungry. A few days ago I walked to the supermarket (a block away) and Morrissey followed me to the end of the curb as he always does but (thankfully) refuses to cross the busy road. As soon as I got into the supermarket I got a phone call from a woman who said she had just found Morrissey trying to get into her house. I grabbed my groceries and wandered back out to collect him (the lady was pretty smitten with him and kept saying how gorgeous "she" was). I started walking home with him and another lady, one who lives in my street, walked by and said "Is that your cat? She comes into our house all the time and we feed her!".

So, my cat seems to pretty much invite himself into everyone's houses and eat their food and has everyone convinced he's a girl (he does have a pink collar - I just thought it would be funny to emasculate him). I can't seem to stop him from wandering, but I thought it might be fun to at least have a little peek at his adventures.

+ someone else's yard

Some things I now know about my cat:
+ he likes sky gazing
+ he likes to watch cars and people
+ he likes to sit under cars
+ he likes to sit in foliage
+ he sits in the business behind our house's yard for hours on end