Midweek 9

+ Sirin Thada

+ I want to attempt/devour Calivintage's sandwich cake - it looks so good!
+ I found this really great list by Julien Smith called 20 Things I Should Have Known At 20 - my favourite is probably 'instead of getting status through objects, do it through experiences'.
+ I am really intrigued by this new website called Wander. It launches in a few weeks time and in the meantime I've been contributing to their 'Wander Weeks' feature, answering some fun questions with photographs - you should too.
+ You should definitely watch this video about the world's oldest backpacker - his name is Keith, he's Australian and he's 95. Makes me want to get my stuff together and finally get travelling.
+ I think Caitlin Shearer's artwork is awesome.
+ I giggled at this Rookie mag article on 'things to keep in mind before you embark on your imaginary romance with Morrissey'.
+ I've just started to try out an app called Leap which is a way to create challenges around your interests and goals. It doesn't have amazing reviews, but it's quite interesting and I always find I am more likely to complete my goals if I have other people helping me to be accountable.
+ I'd really like to try this lamp restyle DIY by Elycia on One Sheepish Girl.
+ 33 animals who are extremely disappointed in you.