List | Weekly

This week I:
+ Watched my first Star Wars movie. Yes, I am late to the game and yes I enjoyed it (and yes, I started with the originals first).
+ Ate some delicious potato and leek soup at Sara's house.
+ Rode my bike in 100km winds to drop off an assignment. Scary!
+ Freaked out about my last few assignments.
+ Gave my friend Michael dating advice (I know, right, me?!).
+ Watched Penelope with Sara (I love that movie and that lady!).
+ Couldn't keep my hands or feet warm.
+ Made a bunch of rainbow collages for an assignment - excited about finishing them.
+ Went to work three times.
+ Stayed up really late and then slept in most days.
+ Watched a so-bad-it's-almost-good Australian movie (lots of guffawing and cringing).
+ Had a big, ugly old migraine and slept for about 15 hours.
+ Made some more collages.
+ Started some fun DIY projects involving vintage handkerchiefs and handmade pom poms.
+ Began a new book lent to me by a work friend.
+ Felt excited about going on holidays in two weeks.