Video | Bicycle Cliche

Bicycle Cliche from Bianca J on Vimeo.

Today I bicycled around Launceston and C and I made this little video for my uni assignment. I just used my iPhone to shoot it and it was my first time using iMovie. I have a lot to learn, but it was good fun. I want to make lots more videos now. The video makes me giggle. I usually hate the common cliche of the female cyclist - some whimsical, cutesy activity done for appearances, rather than something practical and empowering. I probably did little in this video to dispel that cliche, but I wanted to show some of the places I ride in Launceston. It was filmed over about two hours and pasted together in about half an hour tonight.

Places in the video:
+ The statue of William Pugh in Princes Square
+ The longbench in City Park
+ Foreboding gates outside the 'Cook With Gas' building
+ Along the North Esk River bike path
+ The Invermay Woolsheds
+ The Seaport Levee
+ Seaport waterfront (start of the Tamar River)
+ Graffiti under the West Tamar Bridge
+ Pennyroyal
+ My house!

The music is La Redécouverte by Yann Tiersen (from the Amelie soundtrack). My favourite French musician.