Just A Minute...

....in July.

+ I was happy to return to my colourful home.

+ We had a picnic to celebrate getting married (I promise to share the photos when they come my way).  Image 1 is me laughing while C read his vows, image 2 is my best friend from high school, Manneh, and I making duck faces.

+ I played with my sister's adorable dog MoMo.

+ I got some paints out.

I arrived home to a bunch of awesome mail (and Rigby kindly sat on it).

+ The doorman at work collected all these shopping lists for me while I was away.

+ I learned how to make Intaglio prints.

+ I went to a cat show.

+ I put up some of the pom poms from our picnic in our hallway.

+ I went for a walk to Tamar Island.

+ My cats tried to keep warm in the elusive Tasmanian Winter sun!

I watched: The Secret World of Alex Mack, True Blood, Breaking Bad, The Tour De France, Wilfred Season 2.
I listened to: Peter, Bjorn & John, the new Magnetic Fields album, The Cars, David Bowie.
I consumed: Crumpets with honey.
I visited: My childhood home, C's 93 year old Nan, a cat show, the Evandale Markets.
I loved: Being married to my favourite person.
I wore: a onesie, coats, scarves, socks and beanies.
+ if you'd like to add me on Instagram my username is goodnightlittlespoon.