Monday List | Things I'd Like To Do More Of

+ today i saw a peacock running through a suburban street.

+ wake up early and go for morning aimless bike rides/walks
+ cook new recipes, feed my body good things and plan meals
+ make new friends in tasmania and be less antisocial/socially awkward
+ read at least one book per month
+ make c more cups of tea (he always makes them for me)
+ explore more of tasmania (we are getting our first car in november!)
+ stop ignoring (and treat) my anxiety and depression
+ find a new job that i don't hate so much
+ keep taking photographs, making collages, writing letters
+ get enough sleep (not too little, not too much)
+ save money for travelling overseas
+ be kinder to myself

(not necessarily goals, just things to keep in my mind)
+ how about you?