I had a really good day yesterday. We decided to go for a drive to the Evandale Markets with C's parents. I wanted to find some new paper supplies. Sadly it didn't really deliver in that regard but I did come home with a couple of goodies.

Miscellaneous playing cards, glasses shaped hair clips and a ceramic dog/cat.

I love vintage playing cards - they're fun to use in collages.

I found this sad little guy in a one dollar broken crockery bin. I'm not sure if he's a dog or a cat but I like him.

I was also taken by this mustard coloured leather foot stool.

Three new records; The Cars debut album, Tim Finn's Escapade & David Bowie's Young Americans (without a cover).

After going to the markets we returned to C's parents for afternoon tea. I swear, I've never tasted better tea than at their house. We have tried to replicate it at home but it just doesn't compare. C's mum is the master tea maker.

Later in the afternoon we took a walk along the North Esk river and visited the National Cat Show.

It was like one hour long "squeeee!" on my part, meeting all of those gorgeous kitties. Somebody pointed out on Instagram that all the cats in the pictures I took looked kind of miserable. I'd never been to a cat show before and was really worried I was going to see lots of tortured looking, frightened kitties, but lots of them were playful and snuggly and purring - my photos probably don't convey that! Most of them seemed like this was just another day on the job. Regardless, I still think animal shows are kind of weird/scary. C entered a raffle when we arrived and we won a big expensive bag of cat food for our kitties. 

Then we took a leisurely walk back to C's parents house for dinner. A lovely relaxed day.

I hope you had a lovely weekend!