Worn | Sweet Sixteen

Today I thought I'd join Rachele in her weekly I'm Proud Of My Size link up. I am a size AU16 which is really the furthest extent that most common retail clothes stores stretch to. I guess that's why I leaned towards vintage early on - I could usually find stuff I liked better and that fit better, in vintage racks. Vintage really helped me feel better about my size and shape because a lot of the dresses I was picking up were beautiful, in my size and fit in all the right places. I think I would've had fun with the clothes on offer in retail stores in the fifties and sixties. Lately I've been finding a lot more new clothes I like and that fit in retail clothes stores. I like having a body with curves and I like dressing my shape. I am my biggest critic about my body and I sometimes say horrible things about it (when it doesn't fit into things I want it to) but when it comes down to it, it's healthy, it works and it's fun to dress. I'm proud of my size.