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1. Hot chocolate, biscuits and collage materials.
2. My spare room, finally looking kind of welcoming and not full of clutter!
3. About 75% of my collection of shopping lists (C says it makes me seem like a crazy person, seeing them all together like that!).
4. A dress I bought yesterday from Nanna's. This is what vintage dreams are made of.
5. Hot chocolate from Nanna's.
6. New bike basket decor. The crochet hearts were made by Katyha and the pom poms by my Nanna.
7. Apparently when we got married our first names merged?
8. A beautiful dress I didn't buy at Myer (it was the last one on the rack and too small) but took it into the change room to admire.
9 & 10. I made a bunch of ephemera packs for Milkbar to stock in their lovely back room. They are on display in an old suitcase.
11. My Sketchbook Project book arrived yesterday and the cover has been collaged - there's still time to sign up if you're keen!