+ I love this idea by NYC Taught Me and I'd like to try it out next time I'm in a major city (there are no passenger trains in Tasmania!):
He had Ella write all the subway lines on small pieces of paper. She placed them in a cup. She then wrote numbers 3-12 on pieces of paper and placed them in another cup. Each kid got a turn picking a subway line and a number. Whatever they picked would determine what train we would take and for how many stops.
+ Dawn from Handmade Love has been documenting her recent holiday to Tasmania in a bunch of lovely posts. I've loved seeing my state through her eyes.

+ Rhianne's wonderful It's A Photoswap is on again. I participated last year (photos here & here) and it was so much fun. I couldn't recommend it more!

+ Colour-coding your keys with nail polish sounds like a ridiculously simple, pretty and helpful idea.

+ The paper packs in this store are dreamy!

+ I think it might be time to give my bike helmet a bit of a DIY.

+ Marianne from Esme and the Laneway has fresh, new, amazing pink hair!

+ I Rock So What shared some of her favourite free fonts.

+ Katyha has a sleek new blog.