Film | Fish Eye

A few days before we got married a very cute little red Fisheye Lomo camera arrived in the mail at my Mum's house from the one and only Blackbird Corner. Nici is ridiculously generous and kind to me and I am so grateful for the amazing gift. It's such a fun camera. In the instruction booklet it pretty much says don't bother looking through the view finder when you take pictures because so much more than what you see through it ends up in each shot. I have just loaded a new roll and am looking forward to experimenting. These were a few shots from my first roll.

My niece and nephew in my childhood tree house.

I had a few of these shots on the roll from leaving the lens cap on. I kind of like them!

Signing the official documents at the registry office.

My sister and her boyfriend at the picnic.

The entrance to my childhood home.

Our first kiss as married people, at the registry office.

My four year old nephew Marley took this shot of his sister Elyse.

Our friends Kat and Tom at the picnic.

Fish faces with a fish eye just after getting married.

My nephew Marley kissing the moon on the lips in his onesie, taken by Elyse.

A self portrait by Marley and Elyse (asking kids to finish the last few shots of a roll of film for you is always a good idea).