Worn | Dots + Yellow


Today C and I went to a house inspection for a rental we're interested in. We've been in our current house for about a year and we love it but we're having some problems with our landlord and figured maybe moving on when our lease is up might be best. The house we looked at was amazing and much bigger and atop a hill with amazing views of the city (makes riding my bike down the hill lots of fun, but going up not so much). An extra bedroom, a dishwasher, sky lights, a bath and lots of extra room would certainly be appreciated and the outside is cute as a button. We're going to apply for it tomorrow. My fingers and toes are crossed but if we don't get it and we have to stay here it certainly won't be the end of the world. After the inspection we rode around the city a little and visited C's parents then played on some gym equipment in the park. It was so much fun and I nearly injured myself a million times.

Pretend my hair isn't in my face in all of these pictures, k?

Please forgive my iPhone photos again - I have hidden my camera battery charger in a really great hiding spot. Who knows when or where I'll find it!

+ Details: Bike: Sydney Vintage Bikes + Dress/Stockings/Belt/Shirt: various clothes stores + Hair bow: Manzanita + Shoes: Vivienne Westwood & Melissa