Bits | 10

After ten years of obsessive internet usage, I feel like I might have gotten over the internet a little bit. Most days I don't turn my computer on and when I do I only spend half an hour on it before I'm bored. Sadly, I'm probably not doing anything any more productive in its place but I'd like to be. I'd like to print out all of the Pinterest DIYs I've pinned and actually try some, I'd like to finish unpacking the last few boxes from moving a month ago and start making cute little spaces, I'd like to go for more walks around my neighbourhood and I would like to reignite a healthy relationship with the internet. Life is getting into a bit more of a routine lately, despite the last few weeks of bed-ridden-ness. I'm still pretty sick, but seeing my doctor pretty regularly and feeling positive.

I'm really enjoying adding little bits of decor to the house.

Today before work C and I went to the Evandale Markets and it was such a beautiful day. I picked up a bundle of cheap succulents. There is a long set of roughed up stairs leading to our front door and I'd like to get lots of succulents and gnomes to put on each step.

C's parents returned to Tasmania this week and I had to give back the keys to their Jeep (I miss it!) but they gave us the keys to our new car in exchange. They bought it for us when we got married and I am so grateful. I never thought I'd own a car and being able to go for little trips makes me so happy. In the back of the car (travelling down from New South Wales) were all of our wedding presents from July and our record collection - yay!

I think it's time to whip out the cat-camera and see where my kitties are wandering off to lately. I've enjoyed seeing them readjust to our new place, leaping around in the long glass and chasing each other down the hallway. I'm not enjoying that they've decided that the whole house is fair game for going to the toilet.

I found a pretty thermos and some canisters at the markets today. I could have spent a lot of money there today but I limited how much cash I had on me (a wise thrifting move).

My desk space needs a bit of TLC but it has some cute bits around.