List | Lately

Lying in the grass in the sun

Things I've Been Up To Lately:
+ Watching the original 'To Kill A Mockingbird' at the movies (soooooo gooooood).
+ Having a fun games night at Milkbar. Do you have any favourite card games to share?
+ Throwing up, all the time (and, no, I'll repeat again, I'm not pregnant, I am just sick). Having to miss lots of work and feeling bad and poor.
+ Missing a turn off on the way to an opshop and deciding to drive for an hour in a completely different direction just for fun. Today we had (a very overpriced) lunch in Deloraine.
+ Buying some new bits of fun furniture. Four bright orange 70's swivel chairs, cute white drawers, a vintage phone table/chair and a sideboard.
+ Painting our dining table with chalkboard paint.
+ Giggling at the fact that my text messages get delivered to C's phone 20 times each.
+ Drawing lots of patterns.
+ Sleeping a lot. I feel like I could fall straight to sleep at any time of day. So exhausted.
+ Putting books and cds and dvds on the wall-to-wall shelves of our 'library' room.
+ Pulling out weeds.
+ Watching Dexter, Downton Abbey, soccer and Love My Way.
+ Driving to Cataract Gorge and walking around taking in the sunshine on my sick days.
+ Eating lots of lemonade icy poles.

And you?