Just A Minute...

...in September (albeit a day late).

Summer is coming
I realised that Summer is coming.

Afternoon tea
Sandal weather!
Strawberry eating and sandal wearing commenced.

G'bye number 18. It was lovely to live in you.
The name of my house.
We said goodbye to our old house and moved into our new home.

Hanging pictures before I've unpacked any boxes or rearranged furniture.
I started nesting (but the boxes are still not all unpacked).

Games night with Damien & Isis. So much fun.
We had a games night with some friends.

Some fun collaging was done.

It puts the kitty in the basket
I made my cats wear a hat and one became quite taken with a basket.

I made a whole bunch of woodcuts.

Lucky last snow pic. @xavcob all tuckered out from snowball making
And on the very last day of September, C and I took a day trip to see the last of the snow for the year. C wanted to make a massive snowman, but found it very tiring work. I feel lucky to have snow AND beaches about an hour away.

I watched: Love My Way, Puberty Blues, Scrubs, The Hairy Bird, Downton Abbey.
I listened to: The new Clare Bowditch and Ben Folds Five albums (both great).
I consumed: Mandarin, apple and passionfruit juice, sour peach hearts and French vanilla almonds.
I made: Woodcuts, collages and postcards.