10 Minute Sketch | What I Wore Today

what i wore today 1/11/12

I like giving myself a time limit sometimes when drawing. Otherwise, I get carried away and end up two hours in not really liking what I've ended up with. A ten minute deadline means rough, sketchiness, but the general idea is conveyed. I like long projects that take a few days to refine as well, but time isn't always available for such things. I bought this dress from ASOS a few weeks ago. I haven't bought new clothes in a long time so this was a treat. I find that I tend to fall into that tiny gap between 'regular' sizing and Curve/plus sizing. So I had to buy this dress a size up, there's a bit of room to move - I'll grow into it ;)

Are you familiar with Gemma Correll's little What I Wore Today drawing project? You draw a picture of yourself and submit it to the group Flickr pool.