List | 10 Things I Like


01 Arranging comfy little spaces in my house (see above).
02 The patterns inside envelopes.
03 Spirographs (even though I'm not very good at them).
04 Plaits.
05 Listening to records while we cook/while I watch C cook.
06 Planning for having visitors (Late Nov - Grandma & little sister & mid Dec - Ma & step-Dad!)
07 Watching old films in the cinema (this week was Singing In The Rain).
08 Tea that fixes things (eg. stomach aches, bad moods).
09 Pressing flowers to put in a special scrapbook.
10 Late afternoon/early evening walks with C, wherein we fall in love with Launceston all over again. Including; the smell of people's delicious dinners, the skyline, the ambery light, watching people go about their afternoon rituals, a scruffy old street cat, watching a friendly game of cricket and having C explain the rules of cricket to me, finding a sweet new grocers (I want to apply for a job there!) and feeling like a hero reaching the top of the hill home again.

+ Apologies for my iPhone quality photos. I need to show my SLR some love again.