5 | New Things

I rarely have many spare coins for fun times once bills and rent have been seen to each week, but I thought I'd share a couple of things I've treated myself to lately. Above is a little yellow vinyl armchair I spotted on a trip to the Youngtown Mission Shop (my favourite opshop in my city) with my friend Sara. I was pretty pleased with the $30 price tag. I bought it to possibly put in the baby's room for future feeding times, as it is quite comfy, but I'm pretty sure I'll keep it in our lounge room until then, it's so sweet.

I gave our bedroom a much needed tidy earlier in the week and bought this vintage doona cover that reminds me of terrible eighties clothing, at the opshop mentioned above. I kind of love it. Our bedroom is fairly feminine but C gives no complaints, especially considering his favourite colour is purple.

This isn't so much something I spoiled myself with, rather something my mum very generously spoiled me with. While she was staying we were discussing ebook readers and she decided that for Christmas she'd give me her Kindle (no prompting I swear!). I have been really enjoying reading on it before I go to sleep each night (lately only pregnancy books - I think I need some new book recommendations - any takers?). Of course, I love reading a real, live, tangible book, but I'd prefer to just buy hardcovers of books I really love.

While my parents were visiting we went for a big trip to the East Coast and on the way we stopped at a little vintage/antiques store in the middle of nowhere (I think it was called something like The Shop In The Bush) and C found this copy of our local newspaper from the 1st of January 1901. It's quite fascinating!

Who can resist ten dollar solar lanterns? I love it when I see them light up just before dark.

+ What's something new you've treated yourself to recently, big or small?