List | 10 Happy Things


Ten happy things that happened to me in 2012:
+ We brought a new kitty home.
+ Our friends Isis and Damien opened a very sweet shop and we ate lots of their cakes and sandwiches and coffees and hot chocolates.
+ I really enjoyed my uni subjects and made some things I'm quite proud of.
+ We got married and had a lovely picnic with friends and family to celebrate.
+ C's parents gave us a car and we went on numerous fun day trips.
+ We moved into a really beautiful new house and bought some cute new/old furniture for it.
+ I learned how to make linocuts and woodcuts and now I never want to stop.
+ We had five lots of visitors from interstate.
+ I started going to a new health centre and have felt like I'm making progress in lots of ways.
+ We found out that we're going to have a tiny person join us next year.

What's on your list? :)