I Love | Zines

Lately I've been feeling a strong desire to make a new zine. I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet but I'd like to get something together early in the new year involving doodles and lists and general miscellany. I visited the Sticky Institute when I was in Melbourne last month and it reignited my zine adoration. Last night I finished work at midnight and decided to lie in bed and read some of my collection of zines until 4am. Sadly I've given a lot of my favourites away over the years, but hopefully their recipients enjoyed them just as much as I did. I thought I'd share some of my favourites.

+ Cartography for Beginners, MOTE and Ten Things You Didn't Know About Ten People.

+ I Am A Camera and Statistical Analysis of the Things that Happen But Don't Matter.

+ Antonyms for Demure and Epitaph for My Heart.

+ The Annoying Treehouse, Daily Drawings, Stab Heart & Disposable Camera.

Just for some vintage interest I thought I'd include the first zine I made, back in 2006 called Qwerty. I seem to only have the (extremely battered and water damaged) original copy of it left and it all felt very cringeworthy rereading it last night but it's cute to have as a memento. I'm sure the writers of many of the zines I love feel the same about their past works.

+ Kept haphazardly in a shoebox.

Do you have any zine recommendations? Have you made a zine?

Some zines I'm coveting:
+ Anything by Mel Stringer
+ Valet of the Dolls
Filmme Fatales
+ Everything by Vanessa Berry
+ The Various Things I Eat
+ Never Date Dudes From The Internet
+ This Is Not My Cat
+ A Life Less Ordinary