Worn | Comfy

C and I went to film society tonight to see The Boy With The Bike. It was the last film for the year and there were absolutely no seats left in the theatre. I quite enjoyed it. We had a walk around the city beforehand and went to get dinner at our favourite terrible food court in town and I finally got around to posting out our thank you postcards for our picnic back in July. I feel like I've had things like that sitting on my to-do list for months. I hate writing things in bulk, they feel like form letters! I have about five left over if anyone cares for a cheesy wedding postcard!


Tasmanian Summers are my favourite Summers. Last year was still unbelievably hot, but the nights tend to be cool and you can get relief from the sun easily in the shade. In Newcastle, you just roast all day and all night and have to go about every day stuff in discomfort. My uniform lately has mostly just involved this skirt, a shirt tucked in and sandals. I always feel like maxi dresses and skirts just accentuate my lack of height and roundness, but pregnancy feels like the perfect time not to care about those kinds of things - hopefully my fashion rules apathy will carry over into post-pregnancy too.

I found this little cat ornament at a garage sale a few weeks ago, before Morrissey died and now when I walk past it on the way to the front door I think of my sweet little black cat.

Here is a bonus cheesy self timer picture of C and I. Very few photos of us together exist so I'm trying to make a bit more of an effort these days.

PS. This week the baby/squid is eighteen weeks cooked!