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Uni is over for me for some time and I've been thinking about how I'd like to spend the next few months. Hopefully, creatively and with lots of relaxing, while my belly grows. The above were just the first things that came into my mind that made me feel excited. I'd like to have lots of happy, fulfilling days. The sun doesn't set here until about 9pm and I really love taking walks in the early evening. I have been picking flowers to press and C and I admire all of the beautiful houses in our neighbourhood. I've felt a little bit of that you-won't-have-time-for-these-things-in-a-few-months pressure but generally I feel like I'll just make the best of things.

Despite my initial (and continued) cringing, I have begun looking at baby items (cots, prams, etc). Today I discovered my first (tiny human growing) stretch mark. At first I felt fairly unhappy about it, but then it kind of made me smile. Then I doused myself in Bio-oil. I'm still not sure how to feel/talk about this kind of stuff. I feel guilty for not immediately loving pregnancy. I don't hate it at all, I just feel kind of neutral about it. I am also incredibly impatient and I just want my tiny human now.

What's something that you're excited to do once you have the spare time for it?