Guess What...



It turns out, I am the temporary vessel for a tiny, growing human. It is only about 1/3 of the way done. We found out quite late into things and it was a big surprise. I am definitely still coming to terms with it, but it's growing on me more and more each day (literally). I haven't been very active on my blog for the last few months, for no reason in particular, I just kind of dwindled, and when I've felt the urge to lately, I've felt like I couldn't be totally honest. So, I'm glad you now know this newsy bit of news.

Working out how a small human would fit into the equation hasn't been too difficult - C has always (conveniently) been the person who has wanted to stay home and cook and clean and look after children, and so, my lack of enthusiasm for most of those things, teamed with my desire to go into full time teaching in the next couple of years, makes this a pretty good arrangement.

I'll admit, I am excited, but incredibly nervous. But mostly excited.

The best parts about growing a tiny human (so far):
+ Growing a tiny human
+ Thinking that it looked like it had a beard in the ultrasound (C has a big beard).
+ Hearing its heartbeat for the first time and having it trying to kick and swim away from the little machine that the midwife was poking around my stomach with.
+ Making up nicknames (Squid, Space Invader, Bagel, etc).
+ Making up real names.
+ Making C do things for me (even though he already does a million things for me a day).
+ Finding opportune moments to tell people and them being excited.
+ Being pregnant at the same time as my half sister and sister in law.
+ Second trimester happy hormones.

The worst parts about growing a tiny human (so far):
+ Being in that in between stage where people aren't really sure if you're pregnant or just have a round belly. Being on a really rough and packed articulated bus and really wanting a seat but not wanting to ask for a seat (C made me stick my stomach out, so yes, I got a seat).
+ Sickness. For many weeks, 24/7. I have acquired the skill of throwing up mid-conversation, then continuing talking in the next breath. Also, all sorts of receptacles look useful when you're throwing up several times a day. C is basically my hero for dealing with me while I've been so sick.
+ Worrying that the way I sit, or lie, or something I eat, or any kind of movement might hurt it.
+ The prices of baby paraphernalia.
+ Appearance negativity (Where is my beautiful glowing pregnancy skin? Why do my clothes not fit already?)
+ Worrying about not having finished my degree and wondering when I might get back to it (in due course, I'm sure).
+ No soft cheese.

In closing, a small human should emerge some time in May. C is hoping it is a cat, jk. I can't see myself evolving into a full-time Mommy Blogger, but I will keep this blog updated with some details along the way.

Happy days!