Haus | Bits


This weekend we went to the Evandale Markets and picked up just a couple of fun frivolous bits and pieces. They're really great markets about fifteen minutes out of the city and set in a gorgeous country town that C and I would love to move to. The markets have the same bits-and-bobs-sellers that most markets have but also a lot of quality vintage sellers, fresh produce and a huge indoor hall full of vintage items. Not pictured are the cute new tea set C bought and the enormous punnet of cheap raspberries I've already devoured!

I really enjoy the markets even when I come home empty handed. That being said, people are often so impolite as they walk around - I feel like asking people "where would you like me to walk?" when they walk three abreast or take up a huge amount of space, insist on walking on the right hand side (I think road rules should apply to walking too) and not allow me any space to walk by. C thinks says he feels like he's constantly playing a losing game of chicken. End rant! Ha. Despite this the markets were lovely this weekend. I feel like I always only just skim the surface!


We bought the above sad smoking child print to go with our collection of other blue prints (below). We seem to be growing our collection of sad looking children prints - C's parents think we're pretty weird.



We also couldn't resist this seventies flower petal serving set. I'm not sure what its original use would have been but we had C's parents over for a cup of tea today and we put cakes in the centre and pulled off the petal plates for serving. I love that it goes with our orange dining chairs (below).


We've never had a house with room for a dining table before this one and I feel like I can never do without it again. After finding this set of orange swivel chairs for a hundred bucks at my favourite opshop, I painted our (boring wood laminate) dining table with chalkboard paint and we now eat every meal here. We always ate at our desks or on the couch before - it feels very civilised! There is a big sky light directly above the dining table and it makes it a pretty lovely place to sit.


And I can't resist drawing on the table (although it's a massive pain to wash - it never looks clean!).


We bought this cheap old sideboard at the same place as the swivel chairs, with the purpose of being our crazy cat kitsch cabinet. C's mum likes to buy us cute but very cheesy cat paraphernalia from catalogue magazines (you know the ones?) and we thought it would be fun to put them all in a display cabinet. She bought us an amazing cheesy cat bowl shaped clock for Christmas this year, I'll have to take a photo some time.