New | Journal


I'd been searching for a good journal for a couple of months, leading up to the end of the year and couldn't really find anything I liked. It's frustrating that a lot of websites don't show what's inside diaries and journals because I guess I'm kind of specific about what I like in a journal (monthly planners at the start and small spaces for weekly entries and lots of space for notes). After a recommendation from Marlou on Instagram I thought I'd check out this one from Ponybrown which I bought on eBay (it's perfectly her style). It's really adorable and has exactly the kind of layout I like and the illustrations are so gorgeous - I wish I knew who they were by!


Each page has a gorgeous illustration in the corner, some of them make me laugh.


The journal comes with a couple of sheets of cute stickers to add to the pages, which you can keep in a sleeve at the front/back.


I can't wait to use it throughout the year.


I feel like I should apologise for the quality of these pictures - my camera and I are not seeing eye to eye at the moment. I think it's time for something new (especially for taking a zillion baby photos), does anyone have any recommendations for a smaller-sized, medium-priced DSLR?

Today I bought a set of three mint green coloured, 6-foot tall, old school lockers for the baby's bedroom. They're in pretty bad shape and were a bit more expensive than I was hoping to pay, but I think they will be a fun DIY project to work on. I am also really bad at bartering and I need to learn some skills! The task I have ahead of me involves pulling off a bunch of damaged chipboard that was oddly attached to one of the sides (definitely wearing a mask for this part), adding some pretty fabric to the side, cutting some MDF to size for shelves, possibly gurneying the interior then spray paint it and touching up the cute mint paint job. I hope I'm not being overambitious! My new years resolution to get more handy is coming true. Stay tuned! Next up is to buy a cordless drill and a jigsaw! (My mum has built a house by hand, so I feel like any of my handy woman aspirations pale in comparison!).