Prints + A Little Giveaway


I've been away visiting my family in NSW for the past week so I've neglected this little blog a bit! I wanted to share the finished drawings I made for as gifts for my family - I had so much fun making them and my family seemed to enjoy receiving them. I really liked setting myself a challenge that had some time parameters and a bit of a framework to stick to. I really struggle at making art for art's sake or just making things for myself or just making things to put on the internet, so having people to make things for is always something I get a lot more out of.

I had each drawing printed professionally onto A3 sized card stock. I have been thinking I might get a couple of copies of each printed and pop them in my Etsy shop for a few bucks if you're keen.
+ Leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling me which drawing you like best (and a way to contact you) and in a weeks time I'll choose a winner at random to send their print of choice.
Tree Rings
This drawing was for my mum - it probably took the shortest amount of time but was one of my favourites.

This drawing (which I've already posted about) was for my step sister Karie.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond
This drawing was for my step dad who has a recording studio in my parents house and an assortment of amazing instruments and fancy music toys and loves Pink Floyd. I used Google images as my reference for drawing each instrument, although don't look too closely at any of them (especially that French horn) because they've likely not been drawn completely factually correct! Ha.

This drawing (which I put part of up in a previous post) ended up being for my step brother Matt. The premise is that the animals are stuck in snow globes and not very happy about it. This was the first drawing I made and it was a lot of fun, especially making the wintery background pattern.

Owls On Branches
This drawing was for my brother Luke and I also made a copy for my step sister Jaime. My brother is obsessed with owls and makes lot of cool owl paste-ups.

This drawing (which is probably my favourite) was for my sister Sarah who has just moved into a lovely new house with her boyfriend and has just started decorating. I used Google images for my references for each item - some items I didn't need a reference for but some were challenging! I think I'll get a copy of this picture printed for my own house.

My next project is going to be making a set of prints in all different sizes to frame and hang in a cluster in the baby's room. He's been kicking up a storm lately. I've been meaning to take a few more photos of my ever expanding belly. I know this time is going to be over before I know it and despite the discomfort (sciatica and being sick a couple of times a week still) I want it to last as long as possible.