Bump | 25 Weeks


I have been meaning to take more photos of the progression of this growing belly of mine but I'll admit I have been putting less and less effort into my appearance as the weeks progress. In the last two weeks I feel like this belly/baby of mine has doubled in size. Comfort is foremost! Lots of stretchy things and high waisted jersey skirts - nothing particularly photograph worthy. After these photos were taken C and I went out for our there-abouts-pretty-much-four-year-anniversary. We tend to just celebrate some time in February and both having the night off work, we decided to eat at our favourite Indian restaurant and we went to see Silver Linings Playbook at the cinema. I so enjoyed it. I don't give out five stars for films very often, but I think this one gets it from me. We had a lovely evening. What a lovely four years we've had together.


Mini rant: I know it's meant only in jest, but my work colleagues walking up to me when they see me and shouting "oh my god you are so fat!"/"you look like you're overdue!"/"you're freaking enormous!" is kind of starting to grate on me. I think commenting on pregnant womens' size is fine, but should possibly be done with more tact? Maybe it's just me? I guess it just makes me feel more like a hideous beast than a glowing baby vessel! I'm not really even phased by the walking-up-and-touching-a-pregnant-woman's-belly-without-asking issue, just the verbal stuff! Ha. Fifteen weeks to go!