Just A Minute...

...in February.

The clock at Milkbar is my favourite clock.
+ We spent a bunch of time at Milkbar where this great clock resides.

Bought some cheap alphabet letters for the lockers.
Yeah, it's not 2am and I'm still in the nursery rearranging things... #14weekstogo
Got this big print made of a hi-res photo of the moon for $5 - pretty pleased with it #babyjagoenursery
A quick DIY this time. Painted the handles of these drawers so it will match the room. Thinking it will be the change table #babyjagoenursery #atticuskitty
Nursery is starting to get more bits and pieces.
A wonky little cloud cushion I made for the nursery. It's misshapenness makes me laugh. I only swore at my seeing machine about half a dozen times! Time for cloud attempt number 2.
Another day, another slightly creepy androgynous sad Mira Fujita clown print. This one's for the nursery #babyjagoenursery
+ I spent a lot of time in, and making things for, the nursery.

Wiki wiki #atticuskitty
Helping me eat my breakfast #atticuskitty
Wanted to get a nice picture of Atticus and I but he yawned. Every time I look at this picture I can't stop laughing #atticuskitty
#atticuskitty with one paw protectively on @xavcob's dinner
+ I spent quite some time cuddling this funny cat and shooing him away from my food.

Watching... Twin Peaks (halfway through the second season at the moment, really enjoyed it so far), A Royal Affair, Monsieur Lahzar & Silver Linings Playbook.
Listening... Lianne La Havas - Is Your Love Big Enough? and Feist - The Reminder.
Reading... Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick.
Making... Lots of felt balls (I'm rolling them in my sleep!).
Buying... Many opshopped goodies, berries from the market and vintage baby clothes.
Looking forward to... Finishing up work on the 25th of next month, my 23rd birthday next month, being another month closer to meeting my tiny person and cooler weather (I'm dying in the heat!) for coats and scarves and hats and comfortable walks.

In March I'd like to: Collect more baby necessities (clothing, bedding, a capsule, etc), write some letters, make some crafty things, go for a trip somewhere fun and save money.