Bump | 27 Weeks


These photos are from last week. I left my camera at C's parents house by accident and only got to pick it up this afternoon when we went to their house for afternoon tea. C's dad is going in for the first of a few major operations tomorrow and we wanted to give him our well wishes (and cups of tea at their house taste better than at our house).

As we were leaving, we were driving down one of the little suburban streets near C's parents house and a man pulled out of a street without looking and was so close to slamming into us it was hugely frightening. C was driving (he has his learner's) and I was sitting in the passenger seat, right where the impact would have been, centimeters away. The look on the guy's face was as if he knew what he'd just done and didn't even care - he didn't even brake, he just kept driving and we thankfully were able to swerve to get around him. When C beeped the horn at him, the man held both of his hands up in front of his eyes mock crying and pulled a face and then proceded to tail gate us the rest of the way up the street.

It made me so, so angry, I can't even describe it. Of course, I think my anger is magnified by the fact that I am responsible for a tiny person and this stranger showing so little respect for the safety of me and my baby (and my husband) made me so upset.  C being a learner driver, and this guy being so reckless and obnoxious to someone who is obviously learning to drive just magnified my anger. The guy is pretty recognisable in our town and comes into my work occasionally and I kept devising ridiculous plans of revenge in my head all the way home. I think if it came to it, the most I would really do is to refuse him service at my work (which I'm unlikely to get the opportunity to do and which would have little effect - but it's something!).

Driving used to be a big source of anxiety for me because I felt like I wasn't a very good driver and I was worried I would cause accidents. As I've gotten older and more experienced, that anxiety is still there, but I feel far less likely to be the person causing an accident, and far more anxious about how I'm going to react to other people's dangerous driving (which is often). We don't drive often, and I felt like when the baby is born my intention was going to be to walk most places anyway - I guess today's incident really reinforced that feeling for me.

Anyway, I just felt like I needed to share! I'm sure just about everyone has had one of these experiences and I know it's so hard to make yourself feel better about them! End vent! Drive safe!


+ coat: nanna's
+ skirt: thrifted about ten years ago
+ dress: a cheap pop-up shop
+ sandals: saltwater
+ belt: dotti