List | Things I Love About My Home

+ A very sketchy artists impression of my house.

+ The lovely view across the city, out to the water and hills. I especially like watching the weather come in slowly over the city. It's a shame being so far up the hill hinders bicycle riding, but it sure is pretty from up here.
+ Its cute, green, leafy exterior.
+ The way that it always feels like it's air conditioned even on the hottest days.
+ Having so much room - room enough for a nursery and a spare room and a dining table and a big kitchen and an office, dreamy!
+ The big lead light window above my desk.
+ Shiny wooden floors that are good for sliding around on in socks (don't worry, I'm not doing any of that while in my current condition!).
+ Lovely natural light (skylights!).
+ Having a big comfy bathtub.
+ Its proximity to the city - a five minute walk to the park, the shops & the CBD (it feels funny saying that Launceston has one of those - it's so little!).
+ The verandah out front which houses our second couch - a nice spot for afternoon reading while watching over the city - when my grandma stayed with us, she spent a lot of time sitting on it in the sunshine reading her newspaper with one of our cats beside her and we'd hear her asking "what do you think, puss?".
+ The fact that sometimes people walking by stop and take its picture.

What are your favourite things about your abode?