Bump | 26 Weeks


I am beginning to enjoy this putting-a-bit-of-effort-into-my-appearance thing again. I think I've moved into the territory of treating this big belly of mine as a kind of accessory, rather than something that makes all of my clothes look ill-fitting. Last week we had a check-up and baby boy was measuring a week bigger than his 25 week estimation, so I hope that means I'm feeding him well and that he might pay us a visit a little earlier than planned.

I am still spending most of my time immersed in nursery decor planning and DIYs and eBay and Gumtree and second hand shops. It's bringing me equal amounts of joy and anxiousness - I still need to buy a capsule, cloth nappies, clothing and some other odds and ends, but most of the main bits have been collected. I finish up at work at the end of next month and have decided to take a full 52 weeks of leave (4 weeks of annual leave, then 18 weeks of paid leave and the rest unpaid). I mostly do the midnight closing shifts and I don't spend too much time serving customers any more, just doing the jobs and cleaning up before we close, but I'm starting to get really worn out. Restocking the drinks fridge each night is my workout for the day. I know a lot of women work right up until their due date (even in jobs like mine where you're on your feet all day) but I decided that taking two months off before my due date would be my treat to myself. I'm hoping to spend it opshopping, crafting, nesting, going for fun little drives and relaxing (and getting enough sleep to last me for the next year or two).


+ shoes: melissa
+ skirt & shirt: kmart
+ tights: sussan
+ cardigan: nanna's
+ badge: i can't remember! somebody sent it to me. was it you?!

Speaking of Nanna's - the ladies from favourite little local vintage clothes and coffee shop are selling their lovely shop after two successful years (Laura is in the baby growing club too). If I wasn't full of baby myself I'd love to give it a go, but I really hope somebody snaps it up and treats it as well as Laura and Lucy have. Anyone feel like moving to Tasmania and running a gorgeous little vintage shop?!