Bump | 32 Weeks

IMG_2583 copy

I am now acknowledging that my belly could be categorised as huge and is exceptionally round. I have now reached the tights-as-pants stage of my pregnancy. By that, I mean comfort completely wins out over society's fashion rules. Who am I kidding, I don't prescribe to the notion that tights can't be worn as pants even when I'm not pregnant! The shirt in these photos belonged to my mum. I'm not sure in what decade she would have been wearing it (probably the nineties), but it says seventies pretty loudly to me. Its label is written beautifully in gold font on the tag; 'Gaylord'.

I finished up work last week (such a relief!) and have had a lot of pelvic and hip pain these past few days. Sleeping is a horribly uncomfortable exercise, but the end is near! I am going to spend the next eight weeks nesting and resting and crafting I hope.

My older sister had her baby this week. She and her boyfriend didn't know the sex before the birth (I am so not patient enough for that) and out popped a little boy they named Connor, a couple of days behind schedule. I am dying to see photos.

Ps. Apologies for iPhone quality photos! I need a new camera asap!