Just A Minute...

...in March

Straw people
C and I took a drive (we're trying to visit some of the outlying towns nearby every few weeks) to Devonport to go to the beach and noticed these cute/creepy giant straw people on the side of the road.

Makeshift cat bed
#atticuskitty likes to hang out in baby's room, but this will have to end shortly.
Atticus spent a lot of time curled up looking cute and hanging out in the nursery.

Cute baby clothes from Etsy.
I bought some cute baby clothes from Etsy.

Wool bought today at the Bothwell Spin-In - for making my very over ambitious felt ball rug.
I bought a lot of pretty coloured wool for felt making.

Late night baby journal entries #babyjagoe
Making mix CDs to put in the baby book
I added some pages to the baby journal I've been working on including some mix cds - I hope he doesn't think our music taste is lame!

The slightly cooler weather meant snugglier kitties.

Knitting goodies from @elementeden_au. Now I just need to learn how to knit!
Element Eden sent me a little knitting pack for their Knit Off - now I just need to learn how to knit!

Watching... Twin Peaks, though I've kind of petered out halfway through the second season. I'm just not feeling it, though I loved the first season. I need to see it out though for the closure, although I've heard there's a big cliff hanger ending - definitely going on the 'to do before baby' list. Also; Please Like Me, The Checkout & Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell (all Australian ABC shows). So looking forward to the return of Game of Thrones after this weekend.
Listening... Elliot Smith, Feist, The Head and the Heart & The Mountain Goats. Really craving some new music - will have to check up on some of the recommendations from this post.
Reading... Some cute (new to me) blogs: Bret & Nancye and Coos & Ahhs.
Making... messes with new paints and pencils, felt balls, collages, cookies.
Looking forward to... all of the pregnancy classes that will occupy my time in April.

In April I'd like to: Relax, learn to knit, be creative, go opshopping and read a book or two (oh, maternity leave I love thee!).