Bump | 32 Weeks (+ a bit)


I thought that having been properly dressed to go out twice in a week warranted an additional bump photo for this week. This is the ultimate department store outfit - jumper from Coles, shirt from Target and skirt from Target. I wish I had more vintage clothes that lent themselves to pregnancy wear, but a couple of basic things from department stores have been seeing me through.

My sister called today and gave me the play-by-play about the birth of her baby this week. It didn't sound so bad! After several days of contractions, no sleep and having to have her waters broken, the actual birth sounded okay. Just prior to the phone call, C had a moment where he was like "how are we supposed to take care of this tiny, fragile thing?! How are we meant to know what to do?! OMG! What have we done?!" (mostly in jest) which made me laugh.

Those happy good-times pregnancy hormones have placated my brain and have me convinced that everything will be fine and I'll just feed, soothe and change that little critter and hopefully everything else will work out alright. I wish I could bottle these happy pregnancy hormones and feed them to myself when I need to de-stress sans pregnancy! I do have to admit, there are lots of very irrational, miserable, tantrum-y pregnancy hormones floating around in there too - I don't think I'll bottle those ones (e.g. "why are you crying?" "because I saw a cute ad on TV for a van that delivers gourmet meat to people all around the state and I thought that was so nice and I felt sad for them and I don't know why and I can't get the meat delivered because I'm a vegetarian, maybe I should buy some for the cats, waaaah")