Little Joys

+ "the lady of the log" by patrushka

+ back to back twin peaks episodes
+ a new red dress
+ brightly coloured wool
+ wriggly little baby feet tickling my ribs
+ double coated tim tams (which cause those baby feet to wriggle even more)
+ relaxed nights at work (eight more shifts to go!)
+ mixed berry smoothies made with apple juice from milkbar
+ dreams of a weekend beach trip while we're in the midst of a (rare tasmanian) heat wave
+ the fifty year old man at work last night who told me he felt like he had just met the love of his life at a cocktail party (and they are going on a date - he's going to tell me how it goes next week)
+ saltwater sandals every day. those shoes cannot be killed.
+ c helping me make felt balls for my overambitious rug
+ being given a perfect bill of health from my midwife and being told to "keep doing whatever it is you're doing!"
+ mint green nail polish on my toes
+ many glasses of raspberry iced tea
+ the way my cat looks me in the eyes then puts his paws on my chest for a cuddle when i'm sitting at my desk (and then stays there purring for hours)
+ a lovely long phone conversation with my (also pregnant) older sister (who will hopefully give birth a day earlier than planned, on my birthday!)
+ anticipating seeing evidence that autumn is here already
+ conversations with customers at work that make me feel like it's possible i'll miss that place