Bump | 30 Weeks


Thirty weeks! I ticked over to the third trimester a few weeks ago and instantaneously felt the drain of energy from my body and the arrival of overwhelming lethargy! I also had to make a trip to the physio to be fitted with a pelvic support belt (a totally gorgeous accessory, not!) as I have a lovely little thing called SPD which means my pelvis is kind of floating around fairly unsupported and it's extremely painful. I've had it since I started showing and it makes any kind of movement very uncomfortable. C and I caught an episode of One Born Every Minute this week and C sat there looking extremely distraught and uncomfortable the whole time. Perhaps he wasn't fully aware of what we're in for? Haha. I'm really not paying too much thought toward child birth - I figure women have been doing it for centuries and there's nothing I can do about it - it's going to happen and I'm not going to make myself unnecessarily afraid of it. That being said, I can only envision it being a world of pain, but at the end I get a cute, squishy, lovely (screaming, defecating, needy) baby!

Getting dressed in the morning is becoming more of a challenge (not least because it's so painful to bend!). Every time I wear an item I think - this will definitely be the last time I wear this before I give birth! My Saltwater Sandals are basically attached to my feet every day except for at work and while sleeping! I have worn this pair almost to death and really need another pair. It is my birthday next week so I might treat myself to a new pair (possibly bright yellow?).

I've been making weekly opshopping trips to gather fun baby related items lately. Today I found a bunch of cute clothes and cot bedding. I really find the second hand offerings much more to my taste than what is available in stores.

Anyway, ten weeks to go!