Drawing | Racheal + Tim


My friends Tim and Racheal got married in January and I flew back to my hometown for the occasion. Like us, they had traveled back home to get married, after spending a few years living in Western Australia, and they had a lovely simple reception at a local venue. I definitely related to that feeling of wanting to return home to get married - when you grow up in a beautiful country town and have a lot of memories attached to it and a lot of friends and family still close by.


Tim and I have been friends since my first year of high school and he has always been someone who is ridiculously dependable and supportive for me. He's one of those friends that when you think about them being so far away your chest feels a bit tight and you wish so much for less distance. He has a great sense of humour, is often inappropriate to comedic effect and is obsessed with cars; last time I checked he was studying to become a race car mechanic. Racheal is the perfect foil to his craziness.

At the wedding Tim asked if he could commission me to write up their vows for them in an interesting way and when I requested more of an idea of what he was after he left it totally up to me - I hate that! Ha. I had a some fun with it and played around with colour and text - I wanted something playful and messy. It is so challenging to migrate from drawing exclusively in Photoshop (with my beloved ctrl + Z) to drawing by hand where every mistake you make is permanent. I drew the image on paper that was too large for my local Officeworks to make a flatbed scan of, otherwise I would have enjoyed playing around with the digital copy in Photoshop for a bit and printing out a copy.



In the nicest possible way, Tim and Racheal are kind of like beauty and the beast. Racheal is so sweet and kind and lovely and Tim is silly and loud and obnoxious (in the best way). I hope a little of that dynamic comes through in the drawing.