Weekly Thrift | Enjoy Your Goldfish


Today Holly and I went for a little opshop trip and picked up a couple of goodies each. I tend to get a bit entranced by patterns and colours and let that override whether or not something is practical/worth the price, but I am getting better! I especially have a big soft spot for vintage textiles. Below are some of the goodies I picked up today and on the weekend while at the markets. I also bought a couple of miscellaneous baby things, but they're far less interesting to photograph. I'm sure Holly will share some of her fun bits and bobs on her blog shortly too.

A retro knitting holder (my friend Sara taught me how to knit over the weekend!) and a framed tea towel (?) of a cafe scene.

I just liked the title of this little book and thought it might be good for collage, likewise with the old postcard.

I picked up this mountainous print at the markets and it fits nicely on the mantle in our bedroom. I like to collect prints of scenes of mountains with rivers, I'm not sure why, there's just something interesting and mysterious about them to me. Sometimes they remind me a little of Twin Peaks.

A retro patterned quilt cover (which Holly was originally going to get, but decided against and I thought it was too fun to not be taken home), a cute retro patterned baby sleeping bag (top), a Sesame Street cot sheet and a cute swaddle.

A cute crocheted lap blanket and a retro tablecloth that still had its tags on.

While on the topic of opshops, I remembered this photo I took last week at the opshop of a painting of a man that looks a bit like my uncle. I found another painting of the same man in another part of the shop later. I thought they were quite good, but decided I probably didn't really need kitsch paintings by a stranger of a man who looks a bit like my uncle.

Holly was so sweet and gave me a little package of goodies for my birthday, including some of her gorgeous Pannikin wares. I shall have to collect some fun bits to gift to her in thanks (our birthdays are five days apart).

Have you had any fun thrifting finds lately?